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Training in Kung Fu is NOT about fighting; it’s about reaching your full potential Mentally, Physically, and Spiritually.The Kung Fu taught at Evolution Martial Arts OKC is Duo Ji Kung Fu (“Many Ways Kung Fu”).It covers a full spectrum of training that promotes greater physical movements, mental awareness and strength of spirit.*Develop Coordination & Fight Obesity*

*Improve Discipline & Focus*

*Gain Confidence to Resist Negative Influences*

Students learn punching, kicking, falls, throws, and grappling. They also learn how to be strong individuals. The classes are designed to build stronger bodies, stronger minds, and stronger hearts in a fun and rewarding environment. Exercises are structured to safely guide your child toward better health, focus and confidence.

The 3 Rules of Kung Fu at Evolution Martial Arts OKC “Listen to Trusted Adults”

There is a distinction between adults, those who are “trusted” and those who are “strangers”. Especially in younger students, there is a need to protect them from strangers. Second is the act of listening. Third is the following of direction, such as “don’t touch” or “stay here”. This rule encourages the development of focus and helps keep children safe.

“Do not hurt anyone”

Do not strike out at others in anger, intentionally causing them harm. Take care that you don’t accidentally hurt others, such as running into your friend while playing. Words can hurt too. We don’t want to harm others, because it isn’t nice and we wouldn’t want them to hurt us. This rule encourages compassion and deters bullying behaviors.

“Have Fun”

Yes, have fun! There should be a reward for working hard. There should also be a desire to find joy in all parts of life. This is something that should be encouraged and cultivated. The children are shown that after following Rule #1 and Rule #2, they can get to Rule #3 “Have Fun”. This rule encourages self-discipline and accountability.





Kung Fu Belt Ranks

At Evolution Martial Arts OKC student rank advancement is through promotion rather than testing. This is because each student is challenged and tested in class. The belts and certificates awarded at the promotion are an acknowledgment of the student’s hard work and dedication. The belts act as road markers toward black belt and their journey as a martial artist. Each belt marks the student’s progression toward the goal of black belt. Additionally, students may receive “tips” on their belt which are promotions within a belt level. This is seen with black belts quite often. A third degree black belt would have three “tips” on his/her belt showing promotion within the rank of black belt.

The exception is for Brown and Black Belt Candidates. These students are required to take a test.

All students begin by wearing a white belt with their uniform Advancement is based on twice a week participation. The three elements of advancement  are class attendance, technical proficiency and personal growth.

Kung Fu Belt Requirements

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