Kung Fu Belt Criteria

Duo Ji Kung Fu “Many Ways Martial Art”

Rule #1 Listen to Trusted Adults

Rule #2 Do not hurt anyone

Rule #3 Have Fun

Kung Fu Belt Criteria

*Martial Exercise *Stimulate Imagination *Cultivate Creativity

Yellow (1 month)


Ready Stance


Back Fall

Palm Thrust

Stomp Kick


High Yellow (1 month)

Fighting Stance

Go with Force (push and pull)

Front Shoulder Roll

Hammer Fist

Front Snap Kick (lead and rear)

Push Shuffle (front, back, right, left)

Orange (2 months)

Belt tie and bow in required

Front Stance

Vertical Fist (jab, cross)

Side Kick (lead and rear, low and mid)

Door Evasion

Tuck chin with hands up (counter to choke)

Parry straight punch

Back Roll Shoulder Roll

High Orange (2 months)

Cat Stance Evasion

Back stance

Back fist

Upper cut

Round Kick (lead and rear; foot and shin)

Push Kick (lead and rear)

Rolling Break Fall

Demonstrate the 3 levels of a push: Stance, stepping into stance, roll/break fall.

Green (3 months)

Bob and Weave



Circle step with Push Shuffle

Back Kick

Inverted Kick

Heel Kick

Single Leg take down

Sweep leg

High Green (3 months)

Ridge hand

Blade hand

Palm Slap

Tan sao

Goang sao

Leg block

Cover block

Blue (3 months)

Elbow (to head, body, arms, legs): up, straight, down, drop, back, thrusting, reverse

Knee (to legs, body, head): Straight and round.

Side Fall

Side Roll

High Blue (3 months)

(Boxing gloves and mouth guards are required and head gear recommended)

Scoop round kick

Parry down side kick

Parry by opposition (against push kick)

Dive into punch and knee

Catch/scoop straight punch and circle into knee

Catch push kick

Catch round kick

Rollie Pollie against single leg

Jab, cross into punch on pads.

Jab, cross into kick on pads.


Purple (3 months)

Thai clench and swing

Head up posture, swimming into clench, proper hand position, using momentum to hit.

Jab, cross into elbow on pads.

Jab, cross into knee on pads.


High Purple (3 months)

Preparation for: Hip Throw, Neck Throw, Shoulder Throw (work entrance only)

From kneeling:
A) Grab hand and push to same side shoulder.
B) Grab hand and push to opposite shoulder.
C) Grab hand and open same side knee. Extend other arm along neck. Push neck point by putting hand on the ground.
D) Grab hand and push to biceps of held arm.
E) Grab hand and push with your opposite biceps into their biceps of the held arm. Knee opens.
F) Work Tiger roll into a jumping tiger roll into including a break fall at the end.

Defend against punch and return jab, cross.

Defend against punch and return kick.


Red (3 months)

Against Round kick: catch and leg sweep

Reap leg


Defend against kick and return jab, cross.

Defend against kick and return kick.


High Red (3 months)

Hip heist – A:hug and roll,  B:trap arm and roll

Sweep from guard

Pass Guard

Sprawl against takedown

A: Jab, cross into a punch with gloves. B: Defend.

A: Jab, cross into a kick with gloves and shins. B: Defend.


Brown (3 months)

Defend against punch and return take down.

Defend against kick and return take down.

Grabbing Hand – lop sao

Jerking Hand – jut sao

Running Hand – jao sao

Circling Hand – hun sao

Slapping Hand – pak sao


High Brown (3 months)

Standing side choke

Triangle choke

Lying arm bar

Standing arm bar

Kneeling arm bar

Inverted standing arm bar

Over the shoulder arm bar

Lop sao into arm bar


Black (9 months)

Free sparring punching.

Free sparring punch/kick.

Free sparring punch/kick/throw/grapple.

Upper wrist lock with 5 restraints

Lower wrist lock with 5 restraints

Heel hook and ankle lock

S lock to wrist

V-hand to throat

U-hand to throat

Viper hand to throat

Tiger Claw to eyes

Finger jab to eyes

This time is spent refining all techniques and transitions between techniques.

A black belt is responsible for ALL techniques and should perform them with competence.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone
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